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Something about myself:

My name is Johannes Niinikoski and I'm a Finnish Suzuki off roading enthusiast. The spark for off roading came to me when I was just a little boy. Ever since I got my first Suzuki, I've been interested in modifying my Suzukis to be more suitable to handle rough terrain. The Green Zuk is a model 83 SJ410 and the White one is a model 87 SJ413. More stories about the early days of my hobby can be found in the album "The Beginning" in my SJ410 modifications section. I'll be more that happy to answer any questrions regarding my projects, so please contact me at .

The SJ410 features loads of modifications including a lifted suspension system and larger tires, a tube bumper and a winch, DIS ignition system, a self made custom powersteering system and better seats for the driver and co-pilot. Though later on the suspension lift bas borrowed to the SJ413 and the SJ410 was returned its stock suspension.
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I bought this beauty in the late summer of 2008 and is undergoing an operation, which will increase it's off road capabilities significantly. The SJ413 is under work and will get more upgrades in the near future. Currently it is packed with an ARB air locker in the rear, Heavy Duty driveshafts, Diff guards, Underside armoring,Custom design Coil On Plug ignition system, Electronic fuel injection and head from a year model 91 Suzuki Swift, a few modifications transferred from the SJ410 and lots of more.
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This Samurai was bought by my mother in the spring of 2010 due to inspiration from my SJ413 project. The car was kept stock for about a year because of my conscript service and the real building began in the summer of 2011. The majority of the sheet metal work was done by my brother whom became so excited about the vehicle that it had to be converted to a proper off roader. Currently it features a Calmini 3" suspension lift, 2" exhaust, Custom Front bumper, SJ410 Front piece, Rock rails and much more.
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